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The Henan Branch Tonva 38,000 tons of asphalt library

New technology, new processes - the asphalt quickly take the technical description of the oil cooler

As energy prices continue to push up, improve customer awareness of energy conservation, in response to market demand, our company with years of experience in construction and technology research and development, through continuous improvement, now developed its own third-generation asphalt quickly check the oil - - Plug-fast access to the two varieties of oil and a built-in quick to take the oil to adapt to different customer demand for asphalt turnover. Its simple, widely used, low-energy, fast take oil, high efficiency, and the product to replace the tank in the tank, local take oil, the second-generation products, better pick and the effect of oil, creating a bitumen by the rapid heating of heat-conducting oil, asphalt rapid hair oil of the first, the product structure is unique, state-of-the-art technology, users consume a lot of energy cost savings in the day-to-day use, greatly reducing the cost of asphalt library production, greatly improves the hair oil maneuverability, and can economize on the use of land (the province built small can), thus saving investment. About two different forms to quickly check the oil.

First, the works
1, the heat provided by the heat carrier boiler HTF, fast access to the heating apparatus within the oil separator device, the constant inside the device at room temperature asphalt heated asphalt instantaneous rapid heating to achieve the oil temperature; so as to achieve rapid take oil purposes.
2, the device structure
media: a, take oil equipment asphalt; the equipment heater media: high temperature heat-conducting oil.
b, heater heat transfer area (according to customers requirements and conducting oil heating conditions and the size of the amount of oil of design).
c, overall equipment placed asphalt tanks, asphalt exports, conducting oil import and export are extended to the asphalt storage tank communicates with the process piping.

Introduction of the the asphalt tank configuration plug-in quick-access oil (Model: CK-50), its technical requirements:
Plug-fast take oil partially inserted into the asphalt storage tanks, asphalt exports, conducting oil import and export asphalt storage tanks. When the tank asphalt temperature ≥ 80 ° C and fast access to the oil 2,000,000 kcal heating boilers, thermal oil temperature ≥ 200 ℃. Quickly check the oil may at any time issue 120 ℃ -130 ℃ continuous high temperature asphalt, asphalt continuous hair oil ≥ 50m3 / hour.

About asphalt tank configuration, built-in quick-access oil cooler (Model: NK-50) and its technical requirements:
Built-in quick take overall oil cooler placed asphalt tanks, asphalt exports, thermal oil import and export asphalt storage tanks. Overall heating asphalt storage tanks (tank asphalt temperature to room temperature), rapid heating continuous take oil 2,000,000 kcal boiler heating, built-in quick to take the oil through a separate heating able to hot asphalt in about five hours uninterrupted confessed and hot asphalt temperature can reach 120 ℃ to 130 ℃, ≥ 50m3 / h out of fuel.
Built-in quick to take the oil equipment materials warehouse in Guizhou Province Roads Authority (Model: NK-50 of 2 units), Guizhou Zunyi Highway Authority (Model: NK-50 of 2 units), Hunan Highway Materials Co., Ltd. (Loudi) asphalt library (Model: NK-30 1 units), Hunan Haifeng Logistics Co., Ltd. (Model: NK-50 1 units), Sichuan Guochuang road Materials Co., Ltd. (Model: NK-50 3 units) Wuhan Zhongxing era Traffic Technology Co., Ltd. (Huaihua) the asphalt library (Model: NK-50 1 units), Chongqing On Road Asphalt Co., Ltd. (Model: NK-50 1 units) units put into use.
Plug-in quickly to take the oil equipment in Dongguan, Guangdong East Traffic Asphalt Co., Ltd. (Model: CK-50 4 units), Shandong Weifang Roads Authority (Model: CK-50 2 units), Chongqing Exchange Commission baishiyi, asphalt library (Model: CK-50 2 units), the town Hengtai Asphalt Products Co., Ltd. (Model: CK-50 2 units), the Hunan Highway Materials, Inc. (Loudi) asphalt library (Model: CK-50 1 units) Tianjin Highway Administration (Model: CK-50 2 units), Hubei Enshi State Hengtong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (Model: CK-50 3 units), such as asphalt storage units put into use, agreed that the superior performance of the device, using the results is good.

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